Droppix Label Maker XE

Droppix Label Maker XE 2.9.8

Create beautiful labels for your CDs and DVDs


  • Create CD labels with text, images and more
  • Import information from the CD automatically
  • Includes templates to get you started


  • Can't create CD booklets or covers

Very good
There are many software tools out there to create your own CD and DVD with photos, videos and more, but what about creating labels for those disks?

With Droppix Label Maker XE you can easily create all sorts of labels for your disks, no matter what their content is. The program contains a handful of ready-made templates which you can apply to data, video, audio or any other general project, though you also have the possibility to create labels from scratch.

The label editor in Droppix Label Maker XE includes pretty much all the elements you may need to create labels: text fields, circular text snippets to fit in the disk shape, images and barcodes. Each element is totally configurable in size, position and also color and font for text fields. Designing the label is as easy as adding them on the disk interface and choosing their size and position with the mouse.

Droppix Label Maker XE has support for the LightScribe technology, which enables you to print the label right onto the disk. One feature I found especially useful is the ability to import information right from the disk you're recording, the image file or, in the case of music disks, the playlist you're using. On the downside, I really missed the possibility to create CD covers, inserts and booklets, something you usually find in other similar tools.

Droppix Label Maker XE helps you create totally customizable CD and DVD labels with support for LightScribe, but sadly no CD booklets.

Droppix Label Maker XE


Droppix Label Maker XE 2.9.8

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